Thursday, May 15, 2014



If your time is up
did you help those 
whom it was yours to help? 

If your time is up 
did you tell, all who you loved:
“it’s you too, I love”?

If your time is up
do you leave 
with a saddening smile,
or was it all worth, 
even the extra mile?

If your time is up
can you say: “Thank You”?
If not, before time’s up 
give it your best shot 

And now, my turn is up, 
and I do, to me it means a lot

Before my time is up 
let the world know
I love you.
You, too.

Auke VanderHoek
15 mei 2014

©Auke VanderHoek, all rights reserved 2014.

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