donderdag 15 mei 2014



If your time is up
did you help those 
whom it was yours to help? 

If your time is up 
did you tell, all who you loved:
“it’s you too, I love”?

If your time is up
do you leave 
with a saddening smile,
or was it all worth, 
even the extra mile?

If your time is up
can you say: “Thank You”?
If not, before time’s up 
give it your best shot 

And now, my turn is up, 
and I do, to me it means a lot

Before my time is up 
let the world know
I love you.
You, too.

Auke VanderHoek
15 mei 2014

©Auke VanderHoek, all rights reserved 2014.

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